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Friday, April 19, 2013

What's In a Name?

I rock back and forth
On this silent night
I look into your eyes
So pure and so bright

Your mouth curls right up
Toward the twinkling stars
You carelessly giggle
And mend my broken heart

What word could describe
This new light in my life?
What name would I give
To such a beautiful sight?

Your small tiny hands
Grasp the tips of my fingers
You loosen your grip
As my lullaby lingers

You scrunch up that nose
Between your rosy red cheeks
You stretch out those legs
As your eyes flutter weak

You lay in my arms
So peaceful and so sound
I sit until sunrise
Embracing this new love I’ve found

I gaze out the window
To a new day so sunny
Your eyes gently open
Sweeter than the drops of honey

How would I define
The bliss that I feel?
How could I make
This joy forever real?

I look toward the meadow
Winter’s withering away
I look down at your face
And all darkness fades

You bring out the wonder
The beauty in my arcadia
You are my happiness
Your name shall be Pamela.


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