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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Santa Barbara Circle B

He stepped out of his car and took a deep whiff of the cool crisp air. As he inhaled his arms stretched out wide and his torso elongated. The car door was shut, locked and disowned for the next two hours. Taking big strides up a slight hill he managed to find his way to where he and his partner were scheduled to be.

It was a nice day, but not perfect for the occasion. A blanket of fog covered the air reducing the visibility of nearby locations and lacking the density to allow large quantities of light to illuminate through the trees and onto the dirt path. However, it did not take away from the acres of natural beauty and wonder. As the couples mounted their horses, a man of authority directed them to the start of their journey. While meandering past the gated area, the guide said, “Don’t be afraid to pull back hard, it’s not a poodle.” Then on they went. Trotting along the dirt path various trees and oddly shaped boulders enclosed upon it. From a distance was the squeaky chirp of what was assumed to be a bird until further informed: “The sound you’re hearing in the distance is a chipmunk.” Amongst the squeaky chirp of the chipmunk and the shy whistle of the wind was the serene sound of a waterfall. All of these sounds of nature closed in on one repetitive sound needed to communicate and create leverage with this intelligent animal. The sound can be compared to a person rolling marbles around in their mouth.

Continuing along the dirt path, there was a trickling sound of water coming from the multiple creek crossings. Along side of the crossings were lazy eyed Susans, wild mint, Belladonna, and other forms of plant life. Once again the guide chimed in to educate us on our natural surroundings, “since we are all adults here, I will share with you that this plant to your left is lethal. It has been used by assassins because the toxic chemicals in it are undetectable.”

Meandering further along the fern-field path the air began to grow thinner and moisture became more prevalent in the air. Wind and mist swept across the young man’s face as he trotted further along the winding path. The blanket of fog drew in near and made the distance invisible past the green and beige boulders. The magnificent view promised on a clear day from their look out point was lost in the distance. As the couples reached their desired destination they were brought to a stand still as their eyes grazed from east to west and north to south, observing where they departed and will soon be returned. 

Embarking upon a downward journey towards their return, the couples and guide engaged in conversation.

Two by two everyone dismounted. Almost in uniform they bent over, dusted off their pant legs, and slightly kicked their legs in the air to stretch them out. Two hours later a memorable experience was created. 

-Andrea N


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