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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Soldier's Daydream

Fog by ammo and a cloudless sun
He's wounded but holds onto his gun
His heart once racing slows down its beats

A ringing sounds in his ears
Pulsating louder and louder,
As the cloud cover draws near

Blue eyes roll back to white,
As they close to embrace the seemingly bright light
Two combat medics on war ground
Fall to the aid of the soldier beneath the mound
Images of his family, deceased and alive, flash before him as they combined
All his friends are soldiers in his war stricken mind

His body is racing to the heavenly end
Or so he thought until the medics rushed in

A glimpse of the sunflower iris around his blue eyes
Are slowly opening to assure his "friends," he has not yet died
There is hope
But for who?
Heaven was so near,
As hell was clearly already here
Here a few feet above the mound of dirt and sand
Here where the soldiers stand
United as one
They will never leave a fallen soldier behind in this land

There he lies as the medics restore him back to this life
But what life was this beneath the mound?
Where heaven and hell have met on the same battle ground…
Would the stronger soldier have laid down to rest?
Or would he have been given a new life to fight for the rest?
All that is known on this divided ground
 Is the world spins madly on
And will not rest for anyone.

-Andrea N.


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