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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vogue Kind of Life

Growing up, I would watch Lauren Conrad work in the glamorous world of fashion, wondering what it would be like to rack through endless designer clothes, speak to celebrity publicists and get hundreds of free samples. Little did I know that Lauren’s show “The Hills” was pretty much all fake.

About five years later, I myself am working in the fashion industry. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as I had thought, but it’s fun. I get the occasional free shirt, deliver packages to celebrities’ apartments, and get to take a sneak peek at the fashion closet. The closet is filled with thousands of pairs of shoes, the latest Chloe handbag and palettes of make up. And every day, we get deliveries from designers like Rachel Zoe, Citizens of Humanity and Free People, which add to the vast collection. What I do is simple: I online-shop. Every girl’s dream. I get to online-shop for 9 hours a day, looking at the latest runway trends, watch fashion shows, and sift through old copies of Vogue Magazine. Then I get to write about what I love.

Okay, enough about the glamorous stuff. I admit—every now and then I need to do the dirty stuff, like clean the storage closet, run to the post office, get food for my boss, or answer the phones. Sometimes, I feel like I have a little bit of an assistant job, but to work in the world of fashion journalism, I feel like this is common. To do the fashion-y stuff most of the day with a little bit of cleaning every now and then does not make me a complainer. 



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