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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gestures; almost Strange

Love Lorena Brothers
I've come here to say "I Love You"

Hello stranger, I am sad today
I walked in late; you smiled and waved to me
You appeared excited to see me
We don’t know each other
We have never spoken before
I smiled back at you
I felt like I knew you
You must know love
What were you thinking?

Stranger, I felt down today
I saw the way you looked me up and down,
Judging from head to toe
It made me feel worse about myself
You know nothing about me
If you only knew how much I’d love you
I am from nowhere,
You can’t possibly be from here
If I were a child would you smile?

Hello sir, I saw that you looked sad
I stopped, concerned about your sadness,
I said, “Why do butterflies fly away”
I smiled ear to ear
Which made you smile
We would never grasp that answer
This strange encounter set forth the beat,
For the rhythm of today
Should we slow down and listen?

Hello Ma’am, It’s cold outside
You look so tired, possibly homeless
I bought you a cup of coffee when I got mine
As I handed it to you, you smiled and looked deep into my eyes
Your gratitude reached my heart
I love you because you are a person,
You deserve to be warm
“The sun will come out soon,” I said as I walked away
This made You and I feel happy


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