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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lake Lagunita

Abandoned by common man,
This Lake of Love stands alone.
Its emptiness engulfs me,
But I am not on my own.

The birds have migrated,
Even the creek water has gone.
The land cries out sadly
Without the Robin’s song.

The wind whips my hair
And my jacket flies away.
So loud and obnoxious,
My parents cannot hear what I say.

At the edge of the bluff I stand
And I look out below.
Stanford campus stares back at me
Do these students not know?

Do they not know about this land?
Do they just choose not to see?
Take a walk up the hill
And withdraw from society:

The bustling crowds,
The endless nights up,
Adderall, papers,
Starbucks and such.

Walk away from this scene
Which can’t be called life.
Find your own lake of love
In which you will thrive

- Carmen Iben


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