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Tuesday, March 12, 2013



Her tiny hands grabbed the world
Shook out the bad, made it her treasure
Her big voice sang songs of her own
Stood out in a crowd, rang on forever
Her silver laugh could grip a heart
Piece back the broken, make them whole
Her golden mind, empty of worry
Filled with hope to lift her soul

Backed up, pushed down, forced in, drown out
Waiting for warmth to come back around
Dried tears, raw fears, a shock so severe
Dimmed her glow, hollowed her years

Her limp feet dance loosely along
In her mirrored world, she’s now made small
Dangling between firm ground and space
Too tired to fight, just ready to fall

What she wouldn’t give
To taste the sweet not the bitter
To finally escape her never ending winter
Gone like a forgotten doll
Bring her back, lift her up

Don’t let her fall
Down Down Down
Grace has fallen down
Grace has fallen now



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