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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

California Daze

Everyday is a California day
where you can put your stresses at bay.
The sun will always shine
and the wind feels just fine.

Playing beer darts in the backyard
or a drinking game with a deck of cards.
Nothing compares to the Santa Monica Peer,
which holds perfection like a set of veneers.

The taste of ice cream from the creamy
has the ability to put me in a state of reverie.
There’s always a need to wear sunglasses
like when I go outside for one of my classes.

Sitting outside playing a board game
really isn’t that lame.
The ocean is a healing power
with it’s salt water shower.

There’s something about this life that is too perfect
but for now I’ll just experience this California effect.

Megan Gallagher


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