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Thursday, February 21, 2013


How do you love?
A gesture.
A smile.
A home cooked meal.
A kiss.
A hug.
Under the influence of a drug.

Do you write it?
Do you say it?
Do you express it at a club?

How many ways are there to love?
To love from a near,
Or love from afar.

You can love from in your mind,
Or feel it in your heart.

You can embrace it,
Or let it tear you apart.

My love is not your love.
And your love is not mine.
A universal feeling is different throughout mankind.

We can read it as a poem or sing it as a song.
But at the end of the day,
Is love just love?

It has a holiday in remembrance of a saint.
A Saint Valentine,
Who was praised of being great.
In its universality can we express it the same.
The same way Valentine was given his name.

How would you describe it?
A feeling.
An emotion.
A skip of beat in the heart.

If love is love, how do we quickly love another?
How do you fall in love with one,
But not with the other?
Can you love today,
And fall out of love tomorrow?

How do you love?
On a day that is also known as Hallmark’s holiday.
Do you celebrate alone or with another?
Is it meant to be celebrated with moms and dads,
Or only lovers.

To me it is a day of reminder.
To remind those you truly love and hold dear that you love them all year.

How do you love?



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