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Monday, February 18, 2013

Simple Things

Simple Things 

The second I stop I ask myself why
How did I get here?
How did I get to all this complication?
Keep telling myself it can’t hurt to try
But I’m holding my breath
Until I exhale these expectations

Long days everyday
Maybe I’ll make it if I could unwind
And breathe easy for a little while
I know it’s not easy for me to surrender
But I want to relive
Those things that made me smile

Sundresses folded neatly below
Fireflies that have already flown
How quickly the paper dolls have grown
And brought me to this place I chose
But I’m still young enough to hope
For what I had so long ago

I’ve got to get back the simple things
Back to what is inside of me
The simple things; I’ve got to get back
Simple things



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