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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Solid Metal On My Mind

In Memory Of All The Young Minds And Pure Hearts That Lost Their Innocent Lives On December 14, 2012 And The Staff Members That Shielded Them. 

She walks in.
She sees youthful faces.
Innocent faces of all races.
She’s strapped,
But not by a knapsack.
Rather a gun.
To protect her.
Not from the sun,
But the son.

Son of who?
Son of men.
Son who comes in and brings about end.
An end to innocent lives.
Young minds who have yet to strive.

They ask how?
How would you feel if your teacher walked in strapped with protection?
They look up.
As eyes widen,          
Hearts race.

What if it’s protection for her?
Her and twenty-five five year olds who would never know?
Never know and never understand.
Why a piece of weaponry is deemed a necessity.

In Idaho it’s okay.
I pray that in California there never comes a day.
Where teachers and students,
Moms and dads,
Choose to walk around with solid metal in their hands.

It’s sad.
And it’s scary.
Sad and scary,
To know that people feel it necessary…
To carry a gun.
A weapon meant to kill.
To destroy a life in its standstill.

Some say it’s for protection.
I say it is out of fear.
Fear of the unknown.
When there is nowhere else to go.

Where can we feel safe?
If not,
Are we all alone?

-Andrea N. 


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