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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alternate Lens

That would be the life, they say. Clueless.

             Imagine being criticized daily, by people who claim to love and support you but turn on you with just one little mistake. Do something wrong in crunch time, and you are forever remembered as ‘that guy’ who messed it up for everyone. Everyone is watching your every move, and you have acquired the unwanted occupation as role model for aspiring youth. That means a step in the wrong direction could mean a tarnished reputation, completely irreversible.
             Flaunt your wealth too much, and you’re attacked for being selfish.
Feel tired during a game? Better not slack, or reporters will rip you apart for being lazy and unappreciative of a generous salary.
Don’t forget, if you’re not playing the game, you are practicing. Everyday. Sure, most people your age are experiencing college: the parties, drinks, laughs. But that’s most youth. You aren’t apart of that. You are the elite, and you must sacrifice the real world to maintain your status.
Now, are you missing your home? Your family? A stable social life? Suck it up. Sure, most people around the world don’t experience such an erratic pace of life, but they aren’t thinking about the downfalls of your lifestyle. They are here to watch the game. To watch you. To see you thrive. Don’t mess it up for them. Don’t disappoint. After all, why else do they pay you the big bucks?

            I know, that one probably hurt, but it’s a valid point. You might be in demand and fans might pay to see you, but they do so with a snarl, reluctantly, turning to their partner and saying something like, ‘Boy, these tickets sure are overpriced. Is Kobe even worth this anymore?’ That’s right. 34 years old? You’re ancient. You make one mistake, and it’s blamed on your ‘old’ age. You make one mistake as a rookie, and you are literally worth less.

That is the life of a professional basketball player. Truth.

- Carmen Iben


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