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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Things Happen; They Just Do

Lorena Love Brothers
A truth to share with you

The word alone confused me when he told me
I wasn’t sure what it all meant
I only knew that I felt exhausted
The throbbing on my left side was what I imagine being stabbed feels like
I am only 22, I thought to myself
I wanted to have six kids
I loved my long wavy hair
I felt robbed of my freedom to live without worries
I quickly stood up to leave
I made believe I was deaf; “I wasn’t”, his words echoed
 “This is serious, it will spread rapidly”
I walked out. My eyes swollen from the streams that filled them

Things Happened

I ran through the rainforest barefoot, stood beneath the waterfalls gasping for air
I made believe that those were my last moments
I lounged in the Puerto Rico sun for some time.
I tried to forget but the pain wouldn’t allow for it
The thought of it growing in my body disgusted me
I was disturbed
I saw a butterfly flap her wings and I knew I had to go back

Things Happened

I wandered the streets of Buenos Aires
It was a calming place, full of culture
I felt the wind, I felt the sun, I felt the beauty
I danced, I ate, I wrote, I lived
The sick days in between robbed me of my joy

Things Happened

Feeling scared and unprepared
The feelings I did not share
Cancer was my war
That I could not ignore


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