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Friday, February 22, 2013

Four Years

 I began college in the fall of 2008.  Like many I was nervous but excited.  A week before I started school I had applied for a job at Target but I really didn’t care whether I got the job or not.  I was called in for an interview about three days later and I was hired. 
My classes would begin at eight in the morning and ended at about two in the afternoon.  I would bring along my red shirt and khaki pants since I didn’t have time to go back home.  But before I left the campus I would change in my car because I didn’t want to walk around with a bunch of bags and textbooks.  The days were hot and I would sweat in the humid car as I twisted and turned while trying to change my clothes.  That was my daily routine for about five months.
I quickly made friends at work seeing as how I was in a small department and my coworkers were all females so gossiping brought us together.  But I began to sense that someone was constantly staring at me.  Lisa approached me, “Hey I think the A.P. guy likes you.”  I really didn’t know what she was talking about and kept quiet for a moment, “…What’s A.P.?”  “Assets Protection girl.  Haven’t you met Erik?” she asked.  “I think so.  Isn’t he the tall white security guard?”  “YES!” she said while giggling.  I just thought he was being friendly and didn’t pay much attention to Lisa since I was just trying to focus on getting an education.
Every day I would see Erik in the entrance, smile and waved as I said, “Hi.”  I kept thinking he was just being friendly until I would often run into him in my department.  “Hey what are you doing here?”  He blushes, “Oh you know…just making sure there are no shoplifters around.”  “Okaaay.  Hey while you’re here can you help me take these carts to the backroom?”  I thought to myself, “If he agrees and follows me Lisa is gonna tell me ‘I told ya so’.”  “Sure,” he responds and winks at me.  Now I was definitely sure he had a crush on me but I don’t think he realized I liked him too. 
After three months Erik approached me and shyly asked for my phone number.  He was like a little boy who hid his green eyes away from my dark eyes.  Four years later Erik and I are still together enjoying our relationship to the fullest.  I assume people think our relationship is just beginning since we’re always cuddling and kissing each other.  When I started college the only thing that was on my mind was getting good grades and transferring to a university.  I didn’t think I was going to find love but I’m glad I did.



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