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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Lorena Love Brothers
What is happening around us?

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, committed the atrocious act of shooting 20 elementary school children, 6 adults, and his mother, before taking his own life. This heinous incident that took place in Newton, Connecticut not only brought great pain to the people of our nation, but also left us with many unanswered questions. What is the driving force for one to commit such and evil act?
On the grounds that the victims’ lives were taken with a gun the citizens of our nation had the immediate reaction of placing the blame on guns. Is it accurate for us to put the blame on the gun laws? Could the blame be solely on the man who pulled the trigger, which resulted in the damage that day?
If we compare the new proposed gun control laws to the ongoing problem in society, drugs, we will see that just because they are illegal does not stop citizens from attaining them and abusing them.  They continue to be easily assessable. Will the push for gun control laws truly make a difference or will it just be another loss of rights to the citizens of this country? If gun control laws are passed, and a man seeking to commit mass murders comes along, will the gun control laws truly stop him from attaining a weapon and committing mass destruction? Perhaps the real problem is deeper than laws can control. Perhaps the problem leading to gun violence is the new found shaping of citizens within our society loosing sight of the meaning of life. Perhaps people are slowly becoming hypnotized by the consistent attraction for violence in media, be it video games, film and television, all of which distort the reality of violence. We must take a closer look at the culture we are shaping as a society. Perhaps we have created a disconnection between people. Media devices are carried and used, people delve into Netflix and fantasies that are growing violent and far from moral or spiritual works. It seems to me that the characters most celebrated are those who are willing to be the most brutal, cold, calculating humans. There is a very negative outlook of humanity that is being exposed in American culture. This in and of it self is not bad considering that all views should be considered and protected by freedom of speech, but there does not seem to be a balance in consumption of positive viewpoints and perhaps with the productions of positive stories.

I think the gunman’s soul fled his body. His mind and body became completely disconnected. He was left in complete disconnection from reality and all that stood was this human corps in disarray. Is it possible that he was dead before he actually put a bullet in his head prior to shooting bullets into innocent children and other people for that matter?
His vision for life was lost; his empty eyes were the only source for shooting. His body falsely acting, like that of a machine that has encountered a major malfunction, this one driven by pure evil.
Evil existing within the beauty of the world. Evil that fills the cracks, the empty holes, where love does not exist. Perhaps that day evil wanted to reveal its capability to a world loosing love. Perhaps the real weapon that day was evil within a man’s body. Maybe evil is merely a void, an absence of love, beauty, and goodness. Have we created an abyss that takes everything from you?


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