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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I am a Woman

Though we were not friends
You stayed in my life for centuries at once
And screamed and fought with my big sister.
Watching above in the loft
I witnessed the feelings you claimed to be lost
Of which clearly existed, expressed in another form

Deafening bellows awoke the neighbors
But you stuck to your guns
Void of emotions, you claimed              ignorantly
As your indisputable male voice roared
Throughout the kitchen
Throughout the yard
Throughout next door
Throughout the city

            I can’t live in this house of women
            You’re all so emotional, you’d say.
            Painting your nails, doing your make-up.
            Wearing your dresses, singing your songs.
            Jesus Christ, you all and your feelings.

I am a Woman.
But it was you whose anger would reverberate throughout the streets
on any given day
A shout at my mother here, a table turned there
Your snide comments limitless
Booming       radiating
Changing the otherwise gay, as you’d call it, energy
A man, a mask.
A multitude of palpable passion.

Yes, I am a Woman.
But not even my emotions run that high.  

- Carmen Iben


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