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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Young wise and reckless

A contradiction in itself
She thought she knew it all
Except about herself
Intrigued by many things
Explore as reasons come
But one thing she was lacking
As she traveled to and from
The joy within her heart
Had one empty spot
She wants to fill the void
Without forgetting what she’s taught
She ask herself these questions
What? Why and when?
Will she meet her mate?
And when will life begin?
Always feels so lonely
But she's never alone
Independent woman
With her mind and body strong
She wants to ascend higher
But she can't do this all alone
Humans need companions
It is that that sets the tone
Fear of what they'll say
And the consequences ahead
She wants and needs the passion
But she chose to wait instead
Trusting what will come
Will be worth the lonely wait
Destiny will come
Time is not her fate
It was made for one real purpose
Though the pleasure is a plus
Patience and resistance
And pray to God she trust.

-Chanel Mitchell

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