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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Reality of America’s Infamous Drinking Age

The restrictions that are put on me for being ‘underage’ go far beyond being unable to drink. I can’t see my favorite comedian performing at the local comedy club. I can’t see my best friend’s band playing in Hollywood. I can’t see the one hip-hop artist I’ve been following since I was so young my grandma would put me in timeout if she caught me listening to him on the radio or MTV. And this is because I have not lived long enough. Because someone, sometime, decided that 20 years and 11 months is just not quite old enough to be exposed to any of these forms of entertainment. Sure, I think I should be able to have a glass of wine with my dinner; I am approaching my senior year of college, but right now that is besides the point. For some reason, the idea of lowering ‘the drinking age’ scares the hell out of people. They fail to see that this law prohibits people like me from participating in basic events, even when I am not looking to consume any alcohol. My friend who has never had a single sip of alcohol in his life is often left behind when his girlfriend attends shows. Is this right? I don’t think so. Is it the most important thing in the world right now? Definitely not, but it’s certainly something to consider. This one advertised limit goes way beyond what one might imagine, and as a full-time college student working a couple jobs, I think I should be allowed into a venue to simply enjoy some live music and good company, drinking aside.
- Carmen Iben 


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