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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeah…Pretty Pretty Lights…Desert Affairs

 A pitch black night
With bright colored lights
Yellow, purple, green
Filter through the palm trees
Standing tall around the desert sand

The sounds of the bass pulsates across the stage
Electric waves graze the rocker’s inked face

Thousands of humans
Ages unknown
Face forward to hear “Heads Will Roll”

A spark is fired
A joint is lit
Cannabis smoke floats within

Free as the stars scattered across the sky
She rises to a new height
Uplifted onto his shoulder’s to take in the surreal sight

A new vision
A stacked height
She sees the crowd in a different light
What once was black is illuminated with palm tree light

Yellow, purple, green
Faces bright
Only near
The rest afar are stricken by the black desert night

Crowds of people 
Shoulder to shoulder
Rock and sway to the beating of the drums and the vibrations off of the mic

On this sand
In this night
As two
They converge into one

-Andrea N


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