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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Am I stalking you,
Or are you stalking me?
Everywhere I go,
I know it’s you I’ll see.

Stole that from Michelle Branch
Because she said it so good.
I don't even know your name,
If I could I would

Scream it every time I see you,
Each and every day,
Hollywood or San Bernadino,
75 miles away.

Why are you everywhere I go?
I wonder if it’s fate.
Or if it’s just your very blonde hair,
Of which I cannot escape.

I wonder what it feels like,
It could not be more blonde.
I’ll bet it’s nice and silky,
Justin Bieber and Beyond.

And as I sit here writing,
Again you’re walking by.
Second, third, fourth time today?
Regardless, I’m not surprised.

One day I hope we’ll interact
And I’ll show you all of the photos,
I’ve taken of you every time you’ve passed;
I wonder if you already know though.

Nonetheless, we’re getting married.
I think I just decided.
Oh, God. You just said hi to me.
And just like that, two worlds collided.

- Carmen Iben


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