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Monday, April 29, 2013

Something In Me.

Something In Me

I had you
You were all mine
And it could’ve been that way
For all time
I have a restless soul
With only so much it can hold
When I opened up my wings
I let you go

I feel you
Every time I try
To open up my eyes
Beneath these lights
We’re at a different stage
From how we used to play
But I’ll still hear you
When all the echoes fade

You stayed back
Is it safe there on the ground?
Who would I have been
If I hadn’t found
How to go round and round and round

Something in me lights up piece by piece
Something in me knows there is so much more for me
I want to go over the edge
And find out what I haven’t yet
But I can never forget
You always saw something in me



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