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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hollow Bells

"The world is lunatic",
Or maybe I’m just having a bad day.

Who cares what we look like?
Ice cream is great.
Have you ever been unhappy?
Can you catch what I implicate?
Sprinkles and rainbows,
You call it all gay.
But I’m happier than you are
On any given day.
Especially on this morning,
The wind chimes sing their song.
No one notices except me,
Ring-a ding ding dong.
In that case I suppose I’m alone
As I sit here polishing this poem,
My fingers sweat with every stroke
But I’m gonna’ show ‘em,
All the faces at this coffee shop
Glaring in my direction.
I order a bagel, the barista rolls her eyes,
Though she toasts it to perfection.
Its crispiness makes me shutter
And life is almost revived.
Until I hear a girl complaining,
She thinks she’s so deprived.
And now this feeling is returning
And it’s not because of my bad day.
I just want to drown everyone’s sorrows
In a chalice of Cabernet.

Instead, I’ll jump to my death
With a dramatic arched spring
All the while down screaming, “The world is lunatic!”
…Ring a ding ding.

- Carmen Iben


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