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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Emptiness with a little bit of loneliness

Lorena Love Brothers
As a lonely flower in an open field
This picture reminds of a lingering empty feeling
A feeling also defined as a loneliness
I imagine myself standing there in the open desert, Alone
A moment free of noise and I with myself, 
holding my thoughts in my cupped hands, Alone 
In my loneliness
In this desert where I no longer chase freedom
No music or meaningless conversations
Technology is dead and artfulness is Alive
A time for thoughts to flow like a river where water is scarce
A moment to workout the relationship with myself
To narrow the distance between God and I
The separation between my now and where I come from
A place to leave my footprints
A captured moment for every emotion we have been told to suppress
Our time is now
To give ourselves away in love, to the sad, the poor, the lonely, the sick, and those without love. 
We weren't brought here to be alone, but instead to be together
Drop yourself off in the desert
The sky is a canvas; Paint anything and everything you want
Your thoughts come in different shapes; Build! 


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