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Thursday, April 7, 2011

There was a time when I was oblivious to this word. Those magical days of naivete, inevitably remaining focused on your future days and maintaining prosperous throughout. Those days when you were excited to come back to your room and crack up some tunes and maybe plan on going shopping for something you didn't really need but just had to get.
Then we became aware of it. I remember, back in High School at the dorms, someone across the hall mentioned “yeah, they're playing at Coachella this year.” The man from the other side equipped solely in boxers and ankle high socks roared with a violent “SICK,” followed by a pointless fist punch on his door. At first I was thinking it could be any ordinary band on any ordinary event. But I prevailed, and used Google to get to the bottom of this. Proceeded to click the first link, and immediately I noticed it was already sold out. Though that sign always manages to sting your hopes and leave a permanent mark, truthfully, I didn't care much at the time. I was all the way deep in the petite forests of Connecticut, and even more problematic, in a school with zilch free time. Not to mention my one day weekends because of sports. However, that ever so slight moment of distraught upon reading that it was “sold out” immediately encapsulated my corpse as I glanced at the lineup. The major performances in big bold white letters quickly invaded my brain and caused a frenzy of emotional discharges. As I looked closer and made out the smaller text my jaw edged out further and further until, eventually, I buried my grueling face on the keyboard in despair.
After that moment, the word Coachella has continuously lingered in my head until today. Every time I buy tickets for another concert or sometimes when I just listen a song, it just reappears in my head, reminding me that it's there and, seemingly, always coming soon. It's becoming a parasite of musical lust. Finally, in 2010 I attended my first Coachella event and, needless to say, I was blown away. Now having only eight days left, I desperately need to figure out if I should go or hold off the temptation. Time is ticking quickly and my window is narrowing each day but unlike last year, which was planned and secured, I'll be making a spontaneous and bold decision. The question is, is it worth it? I'll find out soon enough.

By Mortimer Canepa


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