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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beachhead in the Fourth Dimension

You are looking at a computer screen, right now.

Look at your hands. Feel the tips of your fingers. Think about all the things you have used your hands for today.

Close your eyes and breath one slow, deep breath.

Take another breath and try to fill your lungs as slowly, silently, and fully as you are able to. Stretch your lungs.

You should feel presence in your mind, maybe a little light-headedness. This is fine.

Relax your feet. They have probably been gripping the inside of your shoes. Let them go.

Slowly, and with mercy, let your body align so that your habitual way of sitting leaves you. Pay attention to the way you are sitting, right now.

Let your legs straighten, your feet point forward, your arms rest on your thighs. Do all of this with compassion and care, don’t force it.

See how your neck is holding your head. Let your head be held up by the muscles in your lower back. The whole back should help the head stay lifted.

Now, lift your arms slowly over your head, and reach upwards as high as you can go as
gently as possible. Let your rib cage rise with your arms. Hold your arms there for a few seconds.

Slowly bring them back and let them rest on your things.

See how you are breathing. Experiment with fuller breaths. Let your body tell you what it needs.

With a straight back, open chest, relaxed arms, and loose legs, go through the actions of the day. The choices you made and the people you experienced.

Don’t judge, just remember.

Let your thoughts wander and remember you can always come back here, to reality.

-Sean McEvoy

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Anonymous Michelle Mitchell said...

This was actually very good and extremely helpful. Sitting here with a million and one things going through my head is causing a lot stress, but reading this was nice. it actually helped me calm down a little. I was not expecting that, but it worked. Good job!

April 3, 2011 at 3:27 PM  
Blogger Editorial Staff said...

trippy. you should definitely consider using those skills to hypnotize unsuspecting passerbys, some kind of mind control can be very effective.."you want to write this blog post for me"

--Weston Finfer

April 28, 2011 at 5:30 PM  

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