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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Ultimate Fail

am the daughter of Carlette Wadlington and Richard Wadlington, but both of my parents have tremendously failed me at one point or another in my life thus far. When my parents divorced in 2003, I was torn. My parents thought it would be best for me to have shared custody, while my older brother had the option to choose which parent he wanted to live with. Ultimately, I stayed with my mother for two week periods and then I would stay with my father for the next two weeks.
I hated the fact that they were unable to reconcile their marital issues, yet I dealt with it as best as possible. One day, my mother thought for whatever reason that it would be best for her to pack up all of her (and my own) belongings and move to the state of Texas. In Texas, she remarried a man that I had never met, not to mention she left town giving me no heads up, good-bye or farewell.
As a fourteen year old pre-adult, I struggled with this. She returned two years later to my sixteenth birthday party where she stole money and possessions from myself, my dad and my older brother. I would not see her again for another three years. Still, to this day I reflect on how badly she hurt me. Although, I have forgiven, I will never forget.
This story continues. As my mother and I have recently grown closer, I have developed new feelings of hatred for my father. I found out why she left so abruptly many years ago. She finally found it in her heart and realized I am now at the age where I can handle this sort of detailed information. My mother left me and went to Texas because she was depressed. My father told her he wanted to see her suffer alone and fought in court to ensure her unhappiness. He refused to pay her the court ordered alimony and she was forced to live in her car. She didn’t leave, but she stayed in her car and worked at 24 Hour Fitness gym where she would shower daily. After living in her car for four months, she met a man and moved to Texas where they married so she could secure proper health insurance.
After hearing how low of a point she was broken down to, I wasn’t sure who to believe. Did she leave me intentionally? Was she lying? Did she steal from our home because she needed money to eat? Why wouldn’t she tell me or my brother? My mother failed me. Well, what about my dad? Did he really gain pleasure from knowing he won this bitter nasty battle? No practical human could do this. Is he practical or is he a liar too? My father has failed me. Regardless, I was not notified of any of this until it was too late.
Both of my parents have failed me.

-Brittnee Wadlington


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