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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apartments, Houses and Lofts oh My!

We all know it is one of the most frustrating things to have no where to live. This unfortunate occurance happened to me and my friend Katie and unfortunately it is still going on today. I mean I am not complaining, I have been very fortunate in my life to always have a roof over my head and a warm meal on the table. However, when it comes to finding living in Westchester, finding a home is proving to be quite difficult. At the moment I live off campus in a four bedroom home two blocks from the back gate of the college I attend. I am able to walk to class when I choose to do so or drive (which I normally choose to do because I am cursed with being late and never am ready on time to walk). The house is very nice and decently priced. I made it my home this year and was looking forward to once again living in it next year. My best friend Katie was always planned to move in when one of my roommates, a senior, was supposed to move out.

However, disaster struck when a roommate scandal took place and one acted like they were king of the castle and banished my best friend to another castle. I was disgusted, angry and cried fowl but a second roommate, one who was new to the castle (and should have been passed over) spoke up and stood by the disolusioned king's verdict. So I chose to leave with my friend and here we began our quest to find excaliber. We found a group three that wanted to become a group of five. We gladly accepted the additions and went on our way. We found countless houses but none were close enough for one of the three. Due to this we ended up having to split up. Now it is just Katie and I on our quest to find the perfect two bedroom.

The problem? Everything in this area is so ridiculously expensive! We have looked at houses, apartments, lofts, condos...anything you can think of and we have yet to land on anything worth while. While this has been a most trying quest, we both have found that all we want is to live with each other in a nice place that we can make our home, where we can be the queens of the castle! So we quest on and hope that soon we find our excaliber.

--Alyssa Bermudes


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