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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coachella 2011 Preview

After much uncertainty, I have just secured tickets to Coachella 2011. This will be my first time there, let alone any music festival, so I am very excited. I think the lineup is great and with art, food, and music all together, I’m sure it will be a weekend to remember. Here is my list of a few bands to look out for at the festival.

Animal Collective: If you’ve heard Animal Collective and you still don’t like them, stop reading now. This band has a sound all their own that has been mutating and polishing for a decade. A mix of tribal rhythm, electronic dream beats, roundabout singing, and some of the coolest arrangements of songs I have heard, Animal Collective has a special place in my heart. Bottom line, you love them or you hate them, but I dare you to watch the video for “Peacebone” and say they aren’t at least creative.

Arcade Fire: After winning the Grammy for best Album of the Year, Arcade Fire is off to celebrate headlining Saturday night at Coachella. A mix of rock, pop, and arena anthems, they put on one awesome live show. This is the kind of band you want to see surrounded by thousands of people screaming their lyrics. They use unique instrumentation, such as strings, alternate percussion, and even a megaphone to create a sound all their own. Being a kid from the suburbs, their album hits home for me.

Bright Eyes: Ahhh high school. Like Animal Collective, I think Bright Eyes is hit or miss. If you can ease into Connor Oberst’s vocal style and relate to his, dare I say, emo lyrics, Bright Eyes might hit a sweet spot for you. They are also incredibly dynamic, putting out harder electronic driven music as well as sweet folk songs. Their new album drops this month and needless to say will be the focus of the show. Of course, all their fans will want them to go back to “I’m Wide Awake” and “Lifted.”

Fun: Let me start this off saying this: If you can’t stand watching musicals, stay away from Fun. The new brain child of The Format lead singer Nate Ruess, Fun is exactly what the name suggests. With a high pitched, whimsical voice, Nate screams catchy jingles about falling in love, moving on with life, and being lonely in a new city. His songs are infectious to the right pair of ears and sometimes I find myself involuntarily recalling melodies from songs of his I haven’t heard in months.

Kanye West: Forget that he’s a gay fish, Kanye has put out a really great 21st century album. His Dark Twisted Fantasy includes collaborations with music legends, as well as some great lyrics. Just remember, Jon Brion makes his beats (Eternal Sunshine, I Heart Huckabees…).

The Aquabats!: Can you awkwardly move your arms and legs, almost skipping around in a circle? Do you love suits and checkers? Well, then I have the band for you. The Aquabats are a ska-scene legend. One of the most high energy shows you are likely to see anywhere. If you want to see some people having a good time dancing, check this one out, even if you’re not into the whole ‘ska’ thing.

Sean McEvoy

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