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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Letter to Media

The other day I was watching TV and the clock turned to 11pm. Scrolling down the guide I see four consecutive channels with titles like: Perfect Abs, Loose That Belly Fat, and other, more provocative titles. This visual caused me to think about some things. I am a 21 year old, 5’2”, 132 lb young woman and, according to my BMI calculation, I am borderline obese for my weight and height. According to your standards, what do you suggest that I do about this? I must say though, when I look at myself I feel fine, but compared to the incomparable pictures that you are showing via the media feeds – magazines, infomercials, regular commercials, billboards, internet ads, etc. – I should be putting a finger down my throat. But what if I don’t want to? Have you ever considered that healthy and sexy doesn’t mean skinny and starving? Of course a person should regulate their daily diet and be sure to stray away from eating greasy, high calorie, high in sugar foods consistently, but speaking for myself, I like those foods from time to time. I am just tired of seeing such young girls go on these outrageous diets attempting to mirror these images that you portray on these media platforms. They don’t even know what a diet really means and you’re not telling them either. It’s not a “go starve yourself” type of thing where you eat only an apple for breakfast, granola bar for lunch, and a protein bar for dinner. A diet is just your regular intake of food. Aside from regular exercise, to loose some weight and regain health, a person should “modify” their diet, not “go on” any specific diet. A healthy body needs a balance of a variety of foods for the various nutrients they each provide. So, instead of focusing on the outward appearance you should try shinning some light on inward health. You will be surprised how much of a difference you will make in this world.

One other thing bothers me Media. As a result of your operations, you are the reason young girls and adult women are developing or have developed these deep insecurities about themselves. Insecurities that could and have lead to diseases like anorexia and bulimia. You are the reason that I have developed insecurities about myself. Thankfully, I have enough confidence within myself to triumph over you.

Why do you continue to do this to us women and young girls! It’s not only weight you taunt us with: it’s flawless skin, beautiful, shinny hair, long lashes, and full lips. I wish that you could just wake up and smell the coffee and see that the average woman does not have these perfect qualities – you’re models don’t even have these qualities. I know your secrets: the girls on the mascara commercials – fake lashes; the models and actresses – weaves, hairpieces, and lots of make-up. Why do you continue to display such an image that is virtually unattainable and creates such a hostile mental and physical environment for the average female? You also make it so expensive to be normal for us women, always feeling obligated to spend so much on hair and make-up; it’s ridiculous.

Look, all I’m asking is for you to please take your approach, trash it, and create a new, more positive approach to influencing and entertaining people. The manner in which you are currently conducting yourself is hurtful and stressful, and making life so worrisome for women. We are strong, phenomenal, confident, and beautiful beings of this earth just the way we are. Once we, as a whole, realize that, you will be at the mercy of us all and I can’t wait until that day. Be afraid, be very afraid.


Cairesse Grimes


Blogger Editorial Staff said...

the anorexic ideal is a funny phenomenom..not sure to who this appeals but i sure hope the fad passes. it is unrealistic and destructive, the brainwashing of our youth needs to stop.

--Weston Finfer

April 28, 2011 at 5:33 PM  

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