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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turning Twenty-One

Over this past week of spring break, I was fortunate enough to share my 21st birthday with friends, family and my boyfriend. Two of my closest friends flew with me to Atlanta, Georgia where my father resides. Many of the friends I already have there in the city met up with me on Saturday, March 5th. We celebrated late that evening to ensure I brought in my birthday (March 6th) the right way. I arrived into Atlanta on Wednesday and partied every single night I was there. I was stoked to have my friends with me for each and every minute of my birthday week.
By Friday, I was partied out and felt that resting until Saturday evening might be the best option. Little did I know that my boyfriend would arrive earlier than expected. He drove down from Michigan on Thursday evening and arrived to my house on Friday morning. As soon as he and his friend got to my house we began to party more. Later Friday night we even went to a club to continue our partying streak. My friends all loved my boyfriend although some of them had never met him.
After my boyfriend and his friend drove down I had a total of nine individuals staying at my house, with five cars parked in my driveway. From morning to night, it was a party with everyone staying under one roof and managing to share three full bathrooms.
This was the least of the wildness that would occur over my birthday weekend.
On Saturday March 5th at 9:00pm, I threw a pre-party. Twenty-two people arrived at my house and began “pre-gaming” until 10:00pm. At exactly 10:01pm the 24 passenger party bus arrived to my house. I was really excited by this point. We all loaded onto the party bus and headed out to Club Life. This club is located downtown in the heart of the city. Although it was quite rainy, getting into the club was hassle free. Upon entering the club, our party was directed to the Red Room—a VIP lounge area in the club. Before I could even sit down, there were three bartenders bringing us champagne with sparklers on top of each bottle! For the rest of the night we partied until about 3:00am. I had the best birthday ever, but more so the 21st birthday I have always dreamed of.
Despite the hang over and headache the next morning, I was extremely satisfied with the evening. Everything went so well and I had the time of my life. Later Sunday evening all of my guests began departing from Atlanta to return home. I will never forget my 21st birthday! Based on my birthday celebration, I can conclude that everyone enjoys to have the 21st birthday they dream of. You only get one day out of an entire lifetime, to celebrate turning 21. This is a stage in one’s life where they truly feel like things are changing and they are maturing into a solid adult. Turing twenty-one was great, but it also taught me that my responsibility level is much higher than when I was sixteen years old.
You only get one chance at life, so be sure to make the most of it!
-Brittnee Wadlington


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