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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

America, Oh America

I have a bone to pick with America’s health care system, but it’s very frustrating to even discuss because there is really nothing I can do about it. America prides itself on being the land of the free and the land of opportunity. Americans pride themselves on living in the world’s greatest country. But is she as great as her citizens perceive her to be? I personally do not think so in regards to nurturing her children. Health care has been an issue even before I was birthed into this earth and the issue continues to place politicians and citizens into a bottomless pit of stress and heartache. My question is what is stopping our government from converting our health care system from private to government owned and operated like Europe. If this type of system is proven to be beneficial to both the government through taxes and the public via worry free health care, why haven’t our leaders made moves towards this way?

People die of treatable illnesses every single day because of the lack of financial support for proper health care. That to me is appalling given that we, as a nation, have been given the right to pursue happiness, but in order to actualize that right one must be healthy and strong to do so. Unfortunately, due to the current state of our system, many of the people of America do not or did not have the chance to see this right come into fruition. Currently in America, according to, the cost for an uninsured family to have a child is any where from $9,000 – $25,000; teeth cleaning at a dentist would cost anywhere from $100 - $1600, need I say more? Without good health insurance, who would want to even step foot into a doctor’s or dentist’s office, let alone a specialist’s office? I know I wouldn’t. This is what is frustrating because, not only do I not have any ideas on how to initiate reform effectively, but as time passes, people are getting closer and closer to death and even more people are loosing their lives. What is the problem?

I have a small inclination that the government is terrified of loosing the money they gain from these pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other industries in the health care arena and I am pretty sure that taxpayers will not have a party about an increase in taxes either. Why is America so cold and heartless? Why do we value our currency over our fellows? Why are we so driven by personal gain, wealth, and status so much so that it clouds or suppresses the humanly innate characteristic of help? These values are rooted in America and I personally think that the roots are too deep to pull out.

My only hope is that something changes quickly concerning this issue so that we won’t have to wait another two to six years for someone else to come in and perpetuate the cycle of only attempting to get rid of the symptoms but not solve the problem.

- Cairesse Grimes


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