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Monday, March 7, 2011

Best Friend v. Boyfriend

After accidentally love-tapping my next door neighbor’s car, I was indeed tapped by love myself. My current boyfriend and I began dating one another after this little mishap-- given the car I hit was his. We immediately began investing all of our time into one another. Things seemed to be going great, hell, life was better than great. My boyfriend was my neighbor, and on top of everything we enjoyed doing many of the same things. Going to dinner and various bars all around Los Angeles; and I finally got to experience “long walks on the beach”. I guess in all of my happiness I failed to pay more attention to something very important.
My best friend, who I spent the majority of my time with prior to meeting my current boyfriend, suddenly began acting different towards me. It wasn’t as though I forgot she existed. I still met up with her on Thursdays for lunch, but for dinner I was now occupied. Well sure enough this didn’t make her too happy. All of my previous “free-time” was now filled with boyfriend time. She actually had a boyfriend too which was why I wasn’t too sure why this was so upsetting. If anything, she should be the main one who understood why I began smiling more, working out more, and spending more time in the mirror. Naturally, her new found feelings of being “replaced” quickly turned into anger.
Within two months, I noticed every time I would mention my boyfriend’s name to my friend, she would say, “I don’t want to hear it, Brittnee! That’s all you talk about! The time we share hanging out shouldn’t be all about him”. That was it. I had reached my limits with her. My boyfriend was aware of the situation and suggested that we stop hanging out as much. Yet, my best friend’s anger made me want to hang out with my boyfriend even more. I wanted to prove to her that she was expressing her feelings the wrong way. Had she not yelled at me to stop talking about my boyfriend and just been happy for me I wouldn’t have had to resort to extreme measures.
In the end, I guess she realized the strength of our friendship. She called me less than two weeks after our falling out and asked to go to dinner. It was a Thursday—she knew Thursday nights were dinner nights with my boyfriend. I laughed and told her that I was occupied. She replied stating that she already knew I would be with my boyfriend, but that’s why she asked. She suggested that all three of us get together to go to dinner. I was thrilled to know that she actually wanted to give things a try and get to know him. I ensured her that she would adore him just as much as me.
Things went well following our dinner outing. We laughed and drank and even went bar hopping after dinner. I’m sure I could have addressed this situation more effectively when problems began to arise in our friendship. As of today, my boyfriend and best friend are the best of friends. In fact, she has broken up with her boyfriend and is currently dating my boyfriend’s cousin. Funny how things work out, time heals all!

-Brittnee Wadlington


Anonymous Michelle Mitchell said...


This was such a cute piece, but I feel like it is so real too. My best friend and an old friend of hers stopped talking because of boyfriends. It was nice hearing that your friend didn't let that happen to you too and that she really took the time to get to know your boyfriend. I wish the best to you, him, and her.

March 9, 2011 at 12:29 PM  

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