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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aaron Frias

Jersey Shore and Glee: Go Away
I love the fact that when I tell people that I watch Beavis and Butthead, they are so quick to judge that I watch stupid television and have no taste in shows. (I’ve never actually been told that, but I can read it in their eyes). Then, these same people drive home and rush to their televisions to watch Jersey Shore and Glee. Now I’ve seen my fair share of bad television, but there’s nothing worse when bad shows get good ratings. If you’re reading this and you enjoy both of these shows, allow me to explain why I simply dislike them. It’s just a personal opinion. I don’t claim to be an expert on good television, but I like to dish on shows that get unworthy attention.
Let’s start with Glee. (I have to warm up for Jersey Shore). The minute that I saw a quick preview for the show before the world premiere, I immediately knew that people were going to go goo-gah over it. I thought to myself, “Just watch, half way through the 1st season, Facebook is going to be bombarded with statuses about the show.” And dammit, I was right. Don’t you hate it sometimes when you’re right?
My problems with the show? Well, I normally like movies and television shows that have a PLOT. You know, a story? I’ve spoken to fans of the show and they even admit that the show is literally 90% song and 10% story. I usually don’t like musicals, but this one takes the cake. I’d also like to add that I have actually attempted to watch an episode due to the hype, and to this day I wish I could gain my 15 minutes back that I wasted on it. Don’t get me wrong. I love music. It is practically my life. However, cover songs of extremely popular songs bother the hell out of me. These are the songs that everyone knows, lyric for lyric. They don’t exactly need to be covered. It feels like Kidz Bop is the official sponsor for the show.
Not only am I bothered by the show, but the producers are big babies. How? Well, recently they asked the band Kings of Leon if they could cover their song “Use Somebody” for the show. The band immediately rejected saying, “At the time of the request, we hadn't even seen the show. It came at the end of that record cycle, and we were over promoting [‘Use Somebody’].” Glee’s response: “"F-ck you, Kings Of Leon. They are self-centered a--holes and they missed the big picture."
Notice the differences in the responses from both parties. One is calm and polite. The other is acting like a little bratty kid who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. I mean something just isn’t right here. You have a show that gains millions of viewers a week, making good money off of other musicians’ work and now you cry because 1 band had the balls to say no. This was the icing on the cake for me. Maybe I’m missing something here but Glee is simply taking up too much air time. Can Fox please replace Glee for Arrested Development??
Oh boy, then there’s Jersey Shore. My God. I have never witnessed such atrocious television entertainment than this show. Before the show began, the internet was filled with Guido jokes which poke fun of their lifestyle and personalities. For those who don’t watch the show or don’t know what a Guido is, let’s take a look at the definition from good ol’ An Italian American man usually residing in New York or New Jersey. He wears shirts that are too tight and unbuttoned 5 buttons too low to show off the chest that he spent hours and hours at the gym obtaining, he spends more time on his hair than his girlfriend, and continues to ‘hit the clubs’ long into his mid to late 30's. Often attracted to the female version of himself, the Guidette.
Doesn’t this sound like an easy target to make fun of? Well, the geniuses at MTV decided to make a reality show (Reality show, how original) based on the lifestyles of said individuals. Jersey Shore was born and it hurts me to say that the show is in its 3rd season. A show about douche bags who simply cannot get over themselves. They fist pump in the clubs, work out, have an incredible amount of drunken hook ups and nonstop drama. And wouldn’t you know it? The people have spoken. Is this what America loves now days? They love it. Not only do they love it, but fans have made an attempt to quote the show nonstop. T-shirt time? The hell is that? I swear I had a girl come up to me and that’s literally all she said, in her high pitched voice. “T-Shirt time??” Oh that’s right! You watch bad television; sorry I was busy watching South Park and Entourage.
I really don’t mean to sound like a ranting jerk here and I apologize if I have offended your taste in television. But it just shocks me what passes as television now days. Maybe I haven’t given the shows a fair shot at redemption, but I feel as if I’d be wasting my time again. But if I’ve learned anything about American society is that we get bored very easily. These shows won’t last very long. Hell, The O.C. was insanely popular and got cancelled, so there’s hope.


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