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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Medicine, My Medicine.

I wish I had a riveting story to tell, some hidden truth that would shock, aw and inspire. Sadly, I regret to tell you that today I do not. The only thing I can think of today is my sickness. For the, oh I don't know, tenth time this year. It seems I am good one moment and sick the next. Freshman year, sick first week of school. Sick at Thanksgiving. Sick after winter break. Sick the first week of summer. Sophomore year, sick when I visited home. Sick the first week of school. Sick the fourth week of school. Sick over Christmas break. Sick today.

Whenever the flu is going around the campus, going around the house, going around anywhere really I seem to catch it. I always though everyone got this sick but apparently most people do not get sick as often as I do. So I wondered, what made me the lucky one? What made me the select few that get to experience the flu in every way you can experience it. In high school when I had mono I thought my world would end. Two months, 5 days and about 3 hours. That's how long I was sick for. Today, 8 hours 27 minutes. That is how long I have been sick for and it keeps on going.

Medicine. How often do you take it? I try not to take it. I do not like it. Growing up I would refuse even to take my antibiotics. My parents would have to force me to take them. If I had a headache I would just power through it and try not to take it if I could. What is the point of taking it? I mean eventually we will overuse it and it will become obsolete in our bodies. But what if I don't take it? Like today. My fever was so high I could not take it anymore. I had to take Advil. Twenty minutes later, I felt better. My fever broke and my head stopped feeling like it was going to split open. The problem? Four hours later and my fever is back and my head hurts again. What do I do? Pop another Advil.

So I leave you with this. How often are you sick? As much as me? How often do you take medicine? As rarely as I? How do you feel about medicine? Now I leave you to ponder as I lay down and drift off into medicine induced dreams.

--Alyssa Bermudes


Blogger Editorial Staff said...

as grandpa says, the best medicine is prevention..or was it partying? anyways, I gobble antioxidant rich foods, acai bowls with berries being my favorite. highly recommend!

--Weston Finfer

April 28, 2011 at 5:28 AM  

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