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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ni Una Mas

Ni una mas
(Not one more)
Report of death in Ciudad Juárez
Ni una mas
Child asking his mother why they always kill the same woman
Mother’s voice is strange
Thinking of what is happening
What she sees and hears
Ni una mas
Tear or muffled
Scream in the
Back seat of a drug runners van
Ni una mas
Women used as mule to carry drugs
Or killed for sex and hate
Ni una mas
Flower left on empty grave
No more hiding from men
Wishing that not following curfews are no longer be of blame
Ni una mas
Broken hearted
Hole in her sole
Mother who
Still doesn’t know
Ni una mas
Missing photo
Bloody naked body in an empty patio
Ni una mas
Male empowerment through violence
Shattered skull
Full of sorrow
Sadness because of violence
Ni una mas
sister, mother
daughter in
a shallow grave
under brutal
hands and eyes
that ooze self-hate
Ni una mas
Dream sliced
And zip-tied
Cotton blouse
Ripped like
Paper moons
In a dark sky
Where stars cry
Ni una mas
Covering up land of sex hate crimes

Ni Una Mas

-Yenitza Munoz

Inspired by the organization, “Ni Una Más,” in efforts to spread awareness of the femicides in Juarez, Mexico


Blogger Editorial Staff said...

your style in this piece is mesmerizing. a horrible reality but you portray the gravity of the situation very nicely.

--Weston Finfer

April 28, 2011 at 5:12 PM  

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