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Friday, February 18, 2011

It Can Happen To Anyone

It is easy for many us to say that we would do anything to avoid losing a roof over our head, transportation, financial support, friends, and most importantly our family. What is extremely difficult to think about is that this decision is not so easy for others. Anyone can fall to these times when experimentation turns into a downward spiral of his or her life. Often we hear people say that they are in control they would never let their problems get that far. They would never lose what they have to something that they do for fun or socially. I have always speculated against this sureness of control and on this past Monday my thoughts on this topic were revisited
Working with homeless women has given me insight to different circumstances and life choices that end in being without a home and food on a day-to-day basis. Though each and every women impacts me on a level a woman that I met on Monday shook me to my core. As she entered the Day Center she was petite, extremely thin, well dressed, and wore what seemed like nice jewelry. She was well manicured, however, you could see the wear her life has had on her. She looked around frantically at the kitchen and asked if they had already served snack. Snack at the Women’s Center is at 2:45pm every day and it provides a meal to the women. I told her that snack had not been served yet and that she was actually just in time. As the preparations were still going on she raced to get herself a glass of water and then came back to the front desk. She asked if we had condoms and followed the statement with how embarrassed that she felt because she was asking. My roommate and I both responded by telling her that there was nothing to be embarrassed about and it was better to be safe then sorry. The words that followed up our comment was soft and filled with shame. “My life hasn’t always been like this. I used to be a real person and I used to live in Malibu. I used to have a life until I got addicted to drugs.” I was stunned. Those words that were said in an indirect, yet, direct way were insightful and startling.
As my roommate and I got into the car after our shift at the Day Center we both we emotionally exhausted. We meet women every Monday that have the ability to heal with smiles and there are also other women that shake us back to reality. Homelessness and drug addiction can happen to anyone. Upon reflection of the afternoon this women stood out to me for this reason. It reminded me that it does not matter the life you live, the clothes on your back, or the car you drive because it the time it takes you to experiment and to believe that you have full control of life is the same amount of time that you can lose it all.

BY:Alyssa Silva


Blogger Editorial Staff said...

it's crazy to think a drastic change could happen to any of us and leave us homeless..makes me appreciate everyday to the fullest. very insightful piece

--Weston Finfer

April 28, 2011 at 5:32 AM  

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