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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Live Well

The older I get the more life starts to make sense to me. Recently, I have made a discovery about life and the purpose it serves. I sat down and questioned myself. Am I a naturally good being? Am I fulfilling my duty here on earth? After having a lengthy mental discussion I came to a final conclusion.

In order to know whether you are fulfilling your time on earth it is key to enjoy your life. I see so many people wrapped up in the small things that really are irrelevant. For instance, one can become absorbed with social problems; including who’s dating who or whether Sally is sleeping with Joe. In my opinion, individual’s involvement in issues like these does not constitute a life well lived. A life well lived should be as drama free as possible. In addition to living well I feel it is also important to embrace your own life. Instead of soaking in one’s own misery, it is essential to always be your own motivator. People rely too heavily on others to join in to their “pity party”, but realistically, that person doesn’t care as much as you do. As humans, we will always be more concerned with our own well being before someone else’s.

I felt the urge to come up with some guidelines to help people feel like they are living their lives well, and staying focused on what they love. It’s a lot harder than one would imagine living a clean, worry-free lifestyle. The first thing to always remember is to take care of you first. Always make sure YOU are at the top of your own priority list. In addition, stay away from unnecessary drama and problems. If the problem can be avoided, just turn the other direction and ignore the potential issue. In the end, you will feel lighter, as though weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

Honestly, I feel like people dwell on the less important things in life. At the end of the day, people want to know why they don’t feel satisfied with their own life. Well, it’s a simple fix. Just take time and focus on yourself. Don’t worry about things that don’t legitimately concern you and don’t stress over the things that do. We are only human, and we are temporary. We won’t last forever, so I feel like we should make life worth living now--today!

-Brittnee Wadlington


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