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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Airlines You Are Being A Pain In My A**

5:45am. My alarm blares and I jump at the sound. My boyfriend and I both rush out of bed to get to it quickly to stop the harsh, painful sound. Silence. We suddenly fall back into a half-sleep, half-awake daze and we crawl back into bed. Thirty minutes later and we both lazily glance at the clock. Shit! I was supposed to be at the airport five mins ago. I leap out of bed and run to the bathroom to brush my teeth and grab the last minute things I need to back. I turn on my straightener and scurry back to my room to change and put the things in my bag. Once dressed and packing complete I return to bathroom and begin straightening my bangs. My boyfriend yells at me that I don't have time to do that and we need to leave now! I yell back at him to shut up and let me do what I want. I am NOT a morning person and it is around 6:35 in the morning. We rush off to his car and head straight to the airport. We both don't know where exactly American Airlines in so we look very carefully at each and every sign.

Finally we find it and we get out of the car. My boyfriend grabs my bag for me and we exchange 'I love you"s and kisses before we part and I walk into the airport. I walk up to the self check in and are puzzled by the machine. I try to figure it out for myself for about five minutes till I realize I will miss my flight if I don't do something soon. So I press the help button on the machine and wait five more minutes for someone to come help me. When he comes by he shows me how to do it and I start putting in all my info. Suddenly the machine flashes and says that I must reschedule my flight because I can no longer check in for my current flight. Apparently American Airlines has a rule that you can check in when there is thirty minutes left until your flight. Annoyed and upset, (because I was heading to Dallas Texas to meet up with my mom and little brother to watch my brother in his soccer tournament) I payed the extra $50 and re booked my flight for that night at 6:00.

After calling my very disappointed mother to give her the news, I called my boyfriend and asked him if he could come back and pick me up. At 4:00pm my boyfriend picked me up once more from my house and drove me to the airport. When I was going through security I ran into some more bad luck. The metal detector for my line was malfunctioning and we had to wait for ten minutes for them to figure out what was wrong and for them to fix it. Once through security check i had an hour to kill before my flight began to board. I went straight to the bookstore and looked for a very long time. Sadly nothing caught my eye and i left the store disappointed. When the long wait was over we boarded the plane. The plane was completely full and there were too many carry-ons than there was room for so we had to take an extra 15 minutes before take off for people to get those bags that did not fit to and have them checked in. The takeoff was bumpy and the flight seemed so long.

The woman and child next to me were very annoying and no matter how far away I leaned the woman somehow managed to hit my arm. When we finally landed it took us forever to get to our gate. Just as we were about to pull up to one we were informed that we just had a gate change. When we arrived at our new gate we were told that the other plane had not yet left it and it would be an extra 15 minutes for them to leave and us to pull up and unload. After what seemed like forever we got off the plane and I went down to baggage claim where I found my mom waiting for me. We walked out to our car and once in I decided to have a clean slate. I was going to have fun on this trip no matter how terrible my airport experience had been. Time to enjoy Dallas.

--Alyssa Bermudes


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