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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Writer's Block to Saving Pelican 895

Have you ever had those moments where you can't think of anything to write. You have instructions in front of you, guidelines of what it should be about and yet you still sit there staring at a blank page with no clue as to what you want to write. No ideas pop in your head, nothing sounds good. You're stuck in a rut and can't get out of it. You are having a writer's block.

That is happening to me right now. I have no idea what I want to blog about. What inspires me at the moment, a good story I want to tell or a story you would want to read. A monotone buzz is going on in my head and...

In the middle of my writer's block, a documentary film cam onto HBO. The film was titled Saving Pelican 895. The documentary son captivated me and I became completely mesmerized by the story. The film was about pelicans that were taken to a rescue center in Louisiana. They were rescued because they were covered from head to toe in oil from a recent oil spill. this oil spill had left many pelicans dead and many seriously harmed. Pelican 895 was a recent pelican that they rescued. It was only ten weeks old and couldn't fly. It should have been with it's parents who would have been taking care of him and teaching him life lessons. However, it's parents were no where to be found. If this pelican was never found it would have died for sure.

It is sad to think that we are killing these animals, risking their lives every day, by having oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Oil rigs can be found every mile down the Gulf and as far as 70miles out from it. The world relies on this oil and Louisiana relies on the money selling this oil makes them. It is the basis of their economy. I could go into a review of the movie, or a commentary on the issue but I will spare you the specifics. After reading this if you leave with a thirst to watch the documentary and help out then I believe my job is done. Saving Pelican 895 was an inspiring story and I suggest you watch it and take away some great lessons from it.

--Alyssa Bermudes


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