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Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Take that step
Look up at the sky,

Then look back down at the ground.
You cannot go those ways yet
Until your soul is found
And you are content


One foot in front of another
Make decisions now
Right or wrong, make them renowned
Allow yourself to go forward not backward
Pace your steps so you know how far you can go
And challenge yourself to go beyond them


Embrace this new rhythm of motion of steps
Take in the feeling of burning in your chest
Remember, you don’t have to stay awake for nights to succeed this pace
Just be awake so you can create your own fate
Now prepared from your past steps, you can go beyond them
You now know the biggest risk is not taking one
Not moving beyond your present pace


Your heart is pumping fast,
Beating hard against your chest.

Breath, and allow yourself to pant furiously,

Allow your mind to wonder and think about these fatigue feelings
Love is around every corner,
And you now realize you have been running in circles
Feel life and the air that keeps you alive; find these inner corners
Not looking back, proceed this routine
Inhale the crispy cool air that is peacefully running through you lungs


Now fatigue, you have experienced life
You can rest and think about where you are and how far you went.
Where did this act of cardio take you?
Did you create the fate you wanted?
Now look at the sky
Or down at the ground
Did you take the steps you wanted before it was time to rest?

-Yenitza Munoz


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