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Tuesday, April 26, 2011



Why do people love violence? I never understood how people could become infatuated with watching pain. For instance, we watch sport fights, fights on YouTube, and we tune into fights shown on reality television. Is this a human craving that we have not yet controlled or is it something we have established from the beginning of time? Today people are too found of violence and this blog is intended for the reader to expand their thought on this too.
Historically violence was a proportion of the known world, through tales of heroic deeds during wars to gladiatorial battles in coliseums. Violence was also used to keep people occupied from worrying about who was running a country or how things were run. Punishment of those that broke laws usually met with violent too, so as to try keep order. With that being said, why is it still among our era today. There are more people who are educated today but we still lack the idea that violence is still among us. As it was in the past, people would watch violence for entertainment, because people would die or almost die. Also, they would watch people who were punished and executed gruesomely. This still goes on today because we tune into to death and fights on television. We also, love to see people do tricks at shows that could kill them. Could it be that we are simply fascinated with death? If this is true then why do we fear it so much? This blog is simply for you, the reader to expand on this idea, and think about how you view violence. Is this human nature or just something we have created through history?
Whatever the case maybe, I believe this is something that has been created through history and not a part of human nature. I think it is more of a power element that our human nature of dominance has. Like animals, we crave dominance and this makes us feel powerful because we escaped death and/or can watch people get hurt and feel fine because it is not happening to us. We use death to scare people and to thrill us because we’re beating death by only watching it and being apart of it. Also, those who toy with death and violence only do it for the thrill too and love it because they escape death making them powerful. Nevertheless, humans’ still fear death and so, if it was a human nature of wanting violence then why would we fear it so much. Power does not make us love violence it only makes us feel invincible when we escape it. Nonetheless, this blog is intended to expand your ideas about his. How do you feel about violence?

-Yenitza Munoz


Blogger Editorial Staff said...

the amount of violence present is sickening. so many become desensitized to the brutality through the media, but it doesn't make the outcomes any less real.

--Weston Finfer

April 28, 2011 at 5:09 AM  

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