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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Student Leadership

Leadership is action, not position. -Donald. H. McGannon

If I was asked the following question: As an undergraduate, what do you feel is lacking in the education system?

My response would be: Student Leadership.

In my experience as an undergraduate, I feel that most people who take on leadership positions tend to be two types of people.

The ideal type is, in fact, a LEADER. They coordinate events, communicate with other organizations on campus, and maintain membership for their club/organization. They make their presence known on campus. They make an impact on their community.

Students who have the ability to balance out their school work, leadership roles on campus, and personal/social life are admirable people.

Student Leadership is what makes the Mission Statement of LMU come alive:

The encouragement of learning
The education of the whole person
The service of faith and the promotion of justice

The beauty behind LMU is what their Mission Statement strives to achieve. Student Leaders make the Statement a living, breathing entity within the LMU community and outside community.

Unfortunately, there are still those second types of people in leadership positions that are not leaders, but rather people of POSITIONS. It is always a shame when students of position rather than leaders lead student organizations. The organization experiences a disservice and the fellow community is left unaware of the club/organization. What is the point of having an organization, etc. if not to do be ACTIVE or ALIVE in the community? Each group has a goal, a purpose, a mission. There is always disappointment when groups fail to uphold their philanthropy. It damages the successes of their past and affects the prosperity of their future. Although each student is capable of making their own decisions when they become a leader, the previous leader in their position does play an influence on the manner they fulfill the position.

As the saying goes, Lead by example.

I feel that every organization, club, service group, Greek life, ALL of it is extremely important. It does not matter where leadership comes from, whether from an individual dream or a collective philanthropy. I feel that not enough groups on campus are known by most, if not all, departments and staff on campus. It is always disappointing when talking about a student group and people never knew that the club even existed!

Leadership comes in different manners. It does not necessarily mean you need to be a President of an organization or club. A Leader is someone who will pursue her/his passions and make a difference in that field of interest. A Leader is someone who will form/expand a group to ACTIVELY DO SOMETHING!

Whether it is cultural, ethical, educational, academic, religious, spiritual, physical, etc. it is all a form of leadership for it creates an awareness and impacts the lives of others.

I do feel that there are true LEADERS here at LMU. Those individuals put on events with genuine and passionate pursuit of their goals and interests.

I would like to acknowledge that there are students who are aware that there is a leader out there in every interest here at LMU.

I would just like to see those other people who are in positions, not leaders, to step up their game.

Jennifer Ellspermann

Photo Credit: Student Leadership


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