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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Kissing is like drinking salted water, you drink and your thirst increases.
-Chinese Proverb


Just this last week, I have had different moments of reflection. I am currently involved with a Lenten Retreat, where I have reflected on my faith, convictions, and my spiritual growth. When I have attended Church this last month, I enter the Church blessing myself with holy water and leave in the same manner. I have planned an Induction ceremony for my honors society, and of course, the theme is Reflections. This event has encouraged me to explore writers and different modes of writing that has altered my own sense of reality. I was invited to attend an International Conference in Minneapolis, the theme- Reflections. I would have been presenting a creative piece of nonfiction and a collection of poetry that addressed different topics and styles that came together as a reflection. It would seem that this concept has been with me during this month.

While I was immersed within my thoughts, it dawned on me that water is a Reflection. I have always known that water provides a reflection of myself or the sun. I know that water is used as a symbol, theme, and metaphor of life. Yet, water itself is reflection. Interestingly, it was this mundane thought that has stood with me during this week. I use water on a daily basis, whether I’m drinking a couple of water bottles a day or washing dishes, there is something indescribable about the reliance and need for this liquid. It soothes, nourishes, comforts, and provides an inner warmth that is beyond comparison.

Water, essentially, is the source for life.

So why then has it became important and trivial at the same time? As society continues to evolve, expand, and exploit its resources, the preservation of water has become imperative. Yet, at the same time, water continues to be wasted on a daily basis. We waste it in the shower; we indulge in it for luxury, ranging from beautiful beaches to expensive Jacuzzis.

Water is the circle of life. It continues to assist evolution. It expands our knowledge of ourselves and the world. It compels us to push beyond boundaries and challenge our limitations. It saves lives and takes them just as quickly. It saves and damns all life forms. It is powerful, beautiful, chaotic, peaceful, and exotic.

My experiences within this week has reminded me, how I too, have come to forget and appreciate water. It is an important smell, touch, sight, and taste in my childhood. The beaches of Cancun, Mexico and my cousin’s plastic swimming pool immediately spring to mind. It has been a source of strength and peace for me. When I am exercising at the gym, water refreshes me. When I am outside in the sun, water rejuvenates me.

When I am thirsty, and in need of sustenance, I turn to water.

Jennifer Ellspermann


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