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Monday, March 23, 2009


We all boarded the plane, filled with excitement and anticipation. Going to a place we had been before, but aware this would be our last time as college students. We had all been friends for four years and we vowed to not talk about school, jobs, graduation, or our futures for the duration of our stay. It was one week of nonstop fun and carelessness. Everyday the sun kissed our bronze skin while we sipped on margaritas.
It is our first week back from Spring Break, most of us are sick and struggling to fit back into the real world. Finishing our final year of college has caused us to contemplate what we will do after graduation. Some of us have had future plans that we are reevaluating. Others have a direction, but not a clear one. Some are staying in school and others have no idea. It seems this is a time when we can do anything, move anywhere, taking advantage of all the opportunities that could come our way, but pressures from our parents and ourselves are making this time in our lives one of the scariest.
Those five days in Cabo were like freshman year again when all that mattered were the things in front of us. Our education, but also the relationships we would build for the next four years. And there we were all together struggling to not think about this summer when most of us will part. I never thought this time would be so difficult. I have always taught myself to create goals and follow them. Now, I am revaluating everything and exploring every possibility. That scares me, the unknown.
On May 9th, 2009 I will live in the moment like I did in Cabo. I will celebrate the occasion with excitement, but after, fear will overcome me as I decide whether to search jobs, maybe plan a trip, stay in school or move. We have the ability to choose our own direction. Most would think “wow they are so lucky to have so many options,” and we are, but how do we choose?
Loyola Marymount University has taught most students that being happy is the most important thing. While a lot of people may make a lot of money, they may not love their job. Life is about independence and comfort. I have friends from other schools who told me about the stresses to get certain high paid jobs in order to climb the corporate ladder. They have specific goals revolving around making money to be successful. LMU forces students to touch on different areas to find where we best fit to live a happy life.
I am so grateful for the impression LMU has made on my outlook on reality when I leave. Many see LMU as a bubble where its residents are living in an artificial environment protecting them from life in the real world. However, LMU is preparing its students by shielding them from the cruelties of society by creating a place where they give you the tools necessary to live the life you want and to be happy not matter what you are doing. No matter how scared I am for the future, LMU has taught me to do what I love and love what I do, and that provides comfort.

Krystle Aldana

Photo credit: Non-Scientific Adventures


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