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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Frozen Obsession

So you may have heard of this animated movie that came at the end of last year, you know, this movie called ‘Frozen?’ Yeah well I’m not here to write about how great this movie is or how great the soundtrack is because I haven’t even seen it yet. (Don’t kill me.) I’m really curious to as to why this movie is so good. I have heard so much praise for the movie that I feel like I practically know the entire plot summary and soundtrack without ever watching a second of this film. I feel like it’s this monumental thing that has to be seen and I have even had friends question our own friendship because I haven’t seen the movie yet…seriously? Is it that serious thing? Is it that great? Well I decided to ask why this movie is so great. I thought I would ask a few people to get to the bottom of why ‘Frozen’ is so good. Here’s what they told me:

“There’s singing and magic and a cute little snowman. What more could you ask for?”

“The songs are so catchy.”

“You have a sister right? Well your sisterly bond will grow and flourish from watching this movie.”

Well, this is great to know, really. I even got a mini lecture on how my relationship with my own sister will change and become stronger from this movie. I’m not surprised Disney has a life lesson in their movie. I appreciate the fact that this movie not only has catchy songs and magic but there’s also a cute little snowman?! I mean I love me some animated movies, trust me I do, Lilo and Stitch? One of the greats and I’m sure this movie is too but if I have to hear ‘Let It Go’ one more time today, I might punch a wall. I’m sure one day I’ll give in and watch this movie that also won an Oscar for Original Song but for now I’m content with hearing about how great it is every 3 seconds of the day. You should know that I’m not exaggerating, I hear about it multiple times a day. Frozen, I’m sure I already love you, but for now just accept me for who I am. I’ll watch it eventually, I swear.

Watch Frozen’s trailer here, maybe you’ll get hooked too:

Find out why this movie is as successful as it is here:

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Shannon Iriarte  


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