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Thursday, May 1, 2014

So I Just Did a Juice Cleanse

Yes, you heard right. I gave in to the fad last week after feeling particularly lethargic and unmotivated to do anything with my day. It certainly didn’t help that social media at my fingertips shoved encouragement in my face via photos and articles of all things “healthy”.  Why couldn’t I just kick myself back into gear for the end of the semester and go on a cleanse? That sounded perfectly sensible to me, and with extra money in the bank from my new job, I took Nike’s advice and just did it.

I chose a three-day personalized cleansed from Pressed Juicery in Manhattan Beach and read up on all the facts and how-to articles to actually reap some benefit from this insane decision. Three days before the cleanse I switched to eating only small portions of raw fruits and veggies, transitioning on the last day to soups and liquids only. 100% by the book, and that my friends, was probably the hardest part of the whole process. I honestly had to turn down a cheese stick from a co-worker the day before I started, and just holding it in my hand was a Herculean effort. When you think about all of things in your diet that are made of meat, dairy, grains, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, then being told you can’t touch them for the entirety of a pre-cleanse, the cleanse itself and the post-cleanse, your outlook gets a little bleak. Being dedicated to a fresh start was my sole motivation, and it was a shaky road for a while, but I managed to succeed.  For the most part…

Pre-cleanse complete, I dove into day one of the cleanse. Everyone warns you that the beginning is rough, but I have to say, the only rough thing for me was getting down so much damn liquid. 16 oz. of juice every 2 hours in combination with 2 liters of water throughout the day is a struggle. There’s no other way to explain it. I never felt a single hunger pain, but my stomach and bladder were screaming for me to let up on so much volume. Silly me also opted for two addition “cleansing waters” to accompany my cleanse that I simply couldn’t finish in addition to the 160 oz. already ravaging my system.

As far as taste goes, I made a huge mistake by picking my own juices and not just doing the pre-made cleanse. Reading over the list of ingredients in the juices, I excitedly chose some pretty nasty combos, ending up with only two really yummy concoctions to look forward to each day.

1.     10 AM- greens 1.5: I don’t know why I decided to choose a greens drink with zero fruit….this is basically grass in a bottle.
2.     12 AM- citrus 4: ok celery was a bad idea
3.     2 PM- roots 3: literally devil’s blood…. beets and ginger= nope
4.     4 PM: citrus 2: thee most delicious fruity/tangy concoction ever! I baby sipped it for the entire two hours
5.     6 PM- vanilla almond: HALLELUJIA this drink was so good. Think creamy almond milk taste with vanilla and a hint of sea salt
6.     1 hour before bed- aloe vera water: looks like water, smells like water, NOT WATER
7.     Throughout the day- chlorophyll water: a grass/water hybrid of disgusting

As you can see, the road was rough, and trying to function around people who are eating solid food isn’t great. Luckily, I had enough energy to get through my days at work and school without any major issues. Most likely because I was within 100 feet of a bathroom most of the time. I’ll spare you the details.

The experience was interesting, but I wouldn’t say it’s something I’ll do again soon. You need a lot more time to relax and breathe as you do a cleanse, and I certainly don’t have that luxury right now.
Three days post-cleanse and I’m doing just fine. I did indulge in a few treats a little too soon after breaking the cleanse, but who could blame me? When frat guys throw candy at you, you tend to eat it. I feel pretty good, but the biggest benefit I’m enjoying right now is a lessened appetite. I feel full and comfortable with small portions of fruits and veggies, and I don’t crave sweets or fried foods at all. Being content feels good, and if anything, I hope the habit of refraining from “unclean” foods sticks with me.

If you want to try a cleanse to detox your body or have a fresh start, I’d say go for it! It was hard for me, but everyone has a different experience. I think I’ll count myself one of the lucky ones for not having too much digestive upset. I would highly recommend getting familiar with a juice company you think is reputable, and sticking to the full cleanse regiment when you do commit. Also, focus on the internal benefits you are reaping rather than the external. Unless you’re Superman and you decide to juice for weeks or months, don’t expect to see too many changes in your weight or skin. There will be improvements, but think more along the lines of a clean and healthy colon and digestive track.

You can take a look at the company I used here:

Good luck on your own health expeditions and happy juicing!

by: McKenna Warde


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