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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Reciprocate What You Get, Let's Not Experience Ecological Debt.

“The world is too much with us,” but what would it be without us?
Sure. Pollution, sickness, war and hate would be much less fuss,
yet far less love, friendship, joy and happiness would cease to exist,
and we’d never get to experience what it is to love and to be kissed.

“Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers/ little we see in Nature that is ours.”
Yes, it’s true-- humanity is hypnotized by the modern world’s powers
but is it right to judge how one appreciates flowers and their beauty?
No—remember the goal is to be more open minded and less moody.

You want to get out of here because uninformed people make you forlorn--
Instead of running from what bothers you, why not help others become reborn?
Appreciating nature is one thing, but helping others see its majesty is another.
Promote the benefits of what it means to love and take care of our mother.

A persistent and proactive approach is the best way to help people care.
Instead of whining about how we won't improve our quality of air,
it’s up to us to inspire others about our alive and radiant Earth
because she is foremost responsible for humanity’s life and birth.

Doing your part means leaving a smaller footprint--
Remember that recycling means clean and fantastic,
but reuse what you can and throw away less plastic.

the waste is equivalent to mounds of infinite trash hills.
Producing less waste is another way to contribute—
because it means less litter for people to distribute.

Disposing trash properly will improve the ocean’s quality
and enhance people's lust for the knowledge of ecology.
you see, even Marvin Gaye wants our Earth radiation free.

If you take care of the Earth, she will take care of you—
there are many ways to ensure our bright sky stays blue.
If our Earth goes black because of our negligence, so do we
Lets join forces to ensure a beautiful world for our kids to see.

By Mary Carreon


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