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Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Generation Doesn't Have To Be Lazy

College is a place for experimentation. Not in a sex and drugs way, but in a productive, finding yourself way. I have spent my three years at LMU picking up hobbies, jobs, and friends, just to half ass everything, or lose contact or interest. But I definitely learned throughout the process, whether it was about myself, or about people around me.

I see College as a place where you can experiment with your personal and profession goals, because there is nothing on the line in terms of planning the rest of your life. A student doesn’t depend on their hobbies and work study jobs as an income yet. That’s what student loans are for. Putting everything off for a bit, while you focus on what really matters. I am writing because I am inspired by those who have chosen not to put things off. I am writing about the students who have taken the freedom to try and fail, and applied it to something productive. I am talking about students who have tried to start their dream job in college by creating it for themselves.

For example, my friend started a clothing company when he was in high school, and has continued with the project into college. The other day he shipped a giant box of shirts and hats to a skate shop in northern Italy. His brand has a strong social media presence, and have recently begun to sponsor skaters. Through the power of Instagram, Facebook, and all the other sites we usually use to share pictures of ourselves getting drunk, we have the power to do something productive.

College is the perfect environment to begin a creative project for a multitude of reasons.

  1. Collaboration. Students are motivated. They are eager to jump on board and help with any project, just to gain experience. Or maybe to try and take over control, but those are easy to spot, and therefore easy to avoid.
  2. Building a resume. Everything a student does in College can go on their resume. So what would look better than something that a student started on their own? If this is your only goal, so be it. Use it as motivation to try something you have always told yourself you would do, or that you see yourself doing after college. 
  3. There is virtually no risk. Sure, a project started by some college kids may not work out, or may not even be taken seriously. But who cares? The point is to try something. To take a risk. The worst thing that can happen is that you learn more about your interests and strengths.

Everyone should take initiative and come up with some creative idea while they are in school. Whether it is writing a script, starting some business venture, or even blogging. We are fortune to live in an age in which anyone can DJ on their MacBook Pro, create as many WordPress blogs as their heart desires, and connect with the world instantaneously. We should take advantage of it.


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