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Sunday, May 5, 2013

You are here Now

You are here now. I am here now.
I find myself mislead by the worries of the future.
Today isn't worth it, unless I am focused on today.
If I am working to get through today, in order to get to tomorrow then I will have missed today. If I did the same thing yesterday, then that would mean that I missed yesterday and now I am missing on today. This cycle could easily accumulate to days, weeks, possibly even years. You only live once is a cliche that we hear often. There is a truth in this saying otherwise it would not be so popular. There are to many distractions, to many responsibilities for a 24 hour period. One day I realized the meaning of roots. We must plant our roots in order to have a good foundation as a person, rather than following the herd. We must allow our inner child to come out and play daily. Remember the freedom that you felt as a child? You didn't know a lot but you just were. Everyday you were just you. You played and laughed as though today would last forever. We know now that today doesn't last forever and that is more of a reason to love and enjoy today, daily.

-Lorena Love Brothers


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