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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Purple Island

The smell of humidity in the air
lets us know we've arrived
Palm trees guide us down the road
The coral structure emerges on the left, 
I feel like I might explode from anticipation
Inside the lobby I am engulfed by the thick air, 
wearing it like a heavy winter coat.

The concrete burns under my feet as I run out to the docks
Gecko's escape from my path, 
avoiding my destructive steps 
The noise of boats clinking and clattering,
they rock back and forth against their buoys 

Every crevice of my body covered with icy pain
Salt has made a new home in my mouth
With every stroke I propel myself deeper 
The gradual change in temperature is welcomed by goosebumps
I explore the creatures under the sea, 
trying to find answers to my curiosity

My burnt skin is colored shades of pink, orange, and white
the same shades cover my freckled friends
Blistering shoulders cause me to retire early 
from the once comforting heat

Megan Gallagher


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